Remembering 9/11, and The Woman Who Wasn’t There

Where were you on 9/11?

I was a junior in high school in Westchester, New York, working on a project for physics in the hallway. I remember what I was wearing: a black Gap favorite T and hot pink capri pants. “Did you know two planes just hit the world trade center?” said a senior walking by. “What?” we said, almost dismissing him. “It’s true,” he said. “They are like, crying, in the front office…

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"Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends."
- Kate Spade (via glamour)

My Too-Old-for-This-Shit List


There’s an interesting thread over on Reddit: What’s on your “I’m too old for this shit” list? The phrase, I’ve read, is originally from Danny Glover’s character in Lethal Weapon.

Highlights include:

Staying up late, roommates, midnight showings of a new movie, and “Any drinking establishment that requires patrons to wait in line to enter.”

Agreed on all counts.

I’m turning 29 this week, and…

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How to Make Time for Reading

Book Snake

Book Snake (Photo credit: cogdogblog)

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but during my first few years living in New York City, I found that I was hardly reading at all, except for when a new book came out in a series I was already following. I’m always hearing about new (and old) good books to check out, so a few years ago I resolved to spend more time reading. First, I cleaned up my…

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Link Roundup: A Makeup Experiment, An Amazing Catfish Moment, White Plains’ Unique Personality

Link Roundup: A Makeup Experiment, An Amazing Catfish Moment, White Plains’ Unique Personality

Nev Schulman and Kidd Cole cell phone

Fun fact: Bestselling author Sloane Crosley and I are both from White Plains, New York! In this essay, she talks about the city’s “unique personality”: “The pizza on Mamaroneck Avenue, the castle-like middle school, the Irish pubs, the strange mix of housing projects and massive private homes, the multiple malls, the golf courses we used to sneak onto, the student parking lots we used to sneak…

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